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This page is for those who wish to register to participate in the development of The Revit Coop.

Involvement at this level will include joining one of the organizational committees, commenting on proposals posted on the forums on the password protected "Members Only" web site and participating in web conferences to finalize major decisions regarding the policies of the organization.

If you do not wish to participate at this level but would like to be notified when The Revit Coop is fully launched please submit your e-mail address on The Revit Coop Home Page.



All who help in the organization of The Revit Coop will have the option of being listed on the "About Us" page during the organizational period.
Please select one of the two options below:*
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If you have selected to have your information displayed on the "About Us" page you may select any of the additional options below:
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The e-mail address that you submit here will be used only to send you information about how to access the "Members Only" password protected web site. Once you have logged on you will complete a profile and will be able to select another e-mail address for all other Revit Coop activities and set options for how that e-mail address is used.
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If you pursue other activities (such as authoring a blog or book) or participate in organizations that you would like to have listed with your bio on the "About Us" page please continue with the questions below. Otherwise you may submit your information as entered above.
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