The Revit Coop

Who We Are

The Revit Coop is a collaborative effort of companies and individuals who use Revit to design, document, analyse, construct, manage and operate the built environment.  Our purpose is two-fold.

First, our members share our knowledge and resources in the development of Standards, Best Practices and Workflows for the implementation and use of Revit.

Second, The Revit Coop facillitates the formation of project teams of companies from among our membership that employ a common approach to implementing Revit. This allows the team to realize the full potential of collaboration and information sharing using Building Information Modeling.

Join Us

The Revit Coop is in an early phase of development. We are looking for companies and individuals with experience using Revit in the Building Industry that are willing to dedicate their time, energy and expertise to help organize and develop The Revit Coop.

If you would like to get involved in one of the organizational committees, please register. We will get back to you soon with a password and username to the Members portion of our site.

If you do not want to be involved in the early organization, but wish to be notified when The Revit Coop is launched, please submit your e-mail address here:


First Meeting of the Family Working Group

17 February 2010

The first meeting of the Family Working Group took place today. It's purpose is to develop resources regarding Standards and Best Practices for creating and working with Revit Families.

The first goal of the group is to brainstorm a list of topics and create from them an ordered Table of Contents for the Families section of The Revit Coop Manual.

The group will then create task teams for each topic in order to research resources currently available in order to formulate guidelines and other materials for member organizations working with Revit Families.

The products of this work will be the first content made available to Revit Coop members as part of The Revit Coop Manual.


Member's Beta Web Site Launched

10 October 2009

The Beta of the members-only portion of The Revit Coop website, ( is no longer behind a password protected firewall. Anyone can register on the site; however to gain access to the members-only forums and materials under development by The Coop you will need to apply for membership.

Members are required to dedicate an average of 5-10 hours per month on the development of the work on the Coop. If you are interested in becoming a member, please register on the Join Us page and create a username and password on the site. We will contact you with further information.


Preliminary Web Site Launched

6 February 2009

The front end of the preliminary web site for The Revit Coop ( has been launched. It provides a brief description of the purpose of the organization as well as a form to be filled out by those interested in participating in the early organizational development of The Revit Coop.

Collaboration on developing The Revit Coop will take place on a password protected web site (currently under development) and through web conferences of interested members. We anticipate launching this portion of the site in March 2009.


Presentation at The New York City Revit Users Group

20 November 2008

The formation of The Revit Coop was announced in the monthly New York City Revit Users Group. A large percentage of those present expressed an interest in participating in the development of the Coop.

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